Moody’s Confirms El Salvador’s Ratings Unchanged After President Bukele’s Reactive Tweet

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele took on Twitter on Sunday, January 17, responding to a warning from ranking company Moody’s. Nonetheless, Moody’s has confirmed that the Central American nation’s scores stay unchanged.

President Nayib Bukele Tweeted: “BREAKING: EL SALVADOR DGAF” which implies “don’t give a fuck”. President Bukele was responding to a tweet from

On Tuesday, January 18, Moody’s investor service informed Bloomberg Information that President Bukele appears to have taken the wrong tweet of downgrading as a reality. As of now, the ranking stays unchanged from final July. In July 2021, Moody’s had already downgraded El Salvador’s ranking to CCA1 which suggests a excessive danger of default on its debt.

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Moody’s: El Salvador BTC Holdings A Riskier Guess

In its report, Moody’s has talked in regards to the dangers that Bitcoin buying and selling poses to El Salvador’s sovereign credit standing.

Final week, the ranking company told Bloomberg that the Central American nation’s Bitcoin holdings “definitely add to the chance portfolio,” particularly for “a authorities that has been fighting liquidity pressures previously”.

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Final yr in September, the Bukele authorities Bitcoin a authorized tender together with the U.S. Greenback. Since then, Bukele has been aggressively accumulating Bitcoins because the nation holds 1391 BTC as of date, bought through public funds. With the current value drop for Bitcoin, El Salvador has seen an erosion of $12 million in wealth.

El Salvador bonds have been the worst performing for the yr 2021 amongst different rising markets. The nation’s abroad bonds maturing in 2050 tanked to an all-time low of 53.6 cents on Tuesday, January 18. Moreover, the nation has additionally been issuing Bitcoin Volcano Bonds to capitalize on the surplus geothermal power that it produces.

President Bukele has been going through robust criticism over his choice from world leaders and eminent economists. Nonetheless, Ark Make investments CEO Cathie Wooden, has praised Bukele’s Bitcoin push stating that it has given El Salvador residents new monetary alternatives which they didn’t have earlier than.

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