Polygon launches new Etheum-compatible scaling solution zkEVM

Polygon has launched a proprietary Ethereum-compatible scaling resolution referred to as zkEVM.

Based on zero-knowledge proofs, zkEVM will allow builders to seamlessly deploy any Ethereum sensible contract that scales infinitely and drastically reduces charges.

“It’s just like using Ethereum, but with the groundbreaking scaling power of ZK tech,” Polygon mentioned in an announcement.

Zero-knowledge scaling coming to Polygon

According to Polygon’s announcement, an Ethereum scaling resolution has been within the works for fairly a while. The firm determined early on that zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs had been essentially the most promising pathway to attain seamless scaling.

Polygon calls its zkEVM “the future of Ethereum scaling.” As with another zk-based scaling resolution, zkEVM is a Layer-2 protocol that rolls up a big batch of transactions and “proves” all of them to Ethereum with a single ZK validity proof.

image 21
A diagram exhibiting the structure of the zkEVM (Source: Polygon)

zkEVM addresses a few of the largest issues scaling options like these experiences, with the largest ones being lengthy proof occasions and EVM compatibility.

Polygon’s ZK groups have reportedly made main breakthroughs in efficiency, considerably bettering proof-generation occasions. They’ve additionally launched true EVM compatibility.

“You can build on Polygon zkEVM the same way you would on Ethereum. You can deploy any Ethereum smart contract. Any tooling that works with Ethereum will work on Polygon zkEVM. Do anything you would do on Ethereum, for lower cost and at greater speeds, and have it verified on the Ethereum network via a ZK validity proof. It’s Ethereum, but with ZK scalability.”

Polygon constructed zkEVM as a permissionless, open-source resolution. The code for zkEVM has been printed and is on the market to anybody to make use of.

The platform mentioned the zkEVM testnet “will soon be live,” however supplied no additional particulars about potential launch dates.

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